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Medigap Plan A

Medigap Plan A or Medicare Supplement Plan A is one of the 10 standardized plans available on the market. It is sold by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Plans are lettered from A to N and some countries offer High Deductible Plans G and F. These supplement plans are used as additional benefits coverage to Original Medicare (Parts A and B) because Medicare covers only 80% of the healthcare services. Medigap policies can help you cover the rest 20% of health care costs. Medigap Plan A provides the least amount of coverage (only for basic benefits) in comparison to all other supplemental health plans but has usually lower monthly premiums and costs in general.

Medigap Plan A Coverage

Medigap plan A helps out with coverage for additional costs that are left by traditional Medicare, but that coverage has fewer benefits for enrollees than some other supplemental plans like Plan G and Plan F. Therefore, Medigap plan A covers:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance hospital costs

  • Medicare Part B coinsurance costs or copayment

  • First three pints of blood

  • Medicare Part B preventive care coinsurance

Plan A will not provide you with these benefits:

  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance

  • Medicare part A deductible

  • Medicare Part B deductible

  • Medicare Part B excess charges

  • Foreign travel emergency

  • Prescription drug plan

Medigap Plan A costs

Even though you will have lower monthly premiums with Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan A, which are around 110$ to 180$ you will have other costs you should consider.

Part A and B deductibles aren’t covered with this plan so you will need to pay for them before your coverage kicks in.

In 2023, Part A’s deductible is $1600 and Part B’s is $226. How high your premium costs will be depends on several factors that are not the same for every Medicare beneficiary.

Is Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan A Good Option?

Medigap Plan A provides the least amount of coverage benefits for Medicare enrolled. This coverage may be a good plan option for you if you want to pay lower monthly premiums and get additional coverage for services and pocket expenses.

However, if you think that skilled nursing facility care is needed or you are traveling often abroad you maybe should consider other supplemental coverage which provides those benefits.

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