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Medigap Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N ranks as one of the most popular Medicare supplement plans. It is a great alternative for Plans F and G if a beneficiary would like to pay less in monthly premiums and still enjoy a great value of medical coverage for pocket costs. Enrolling in Plan N will leave beneficiaries with deductible expenses and a few copayments only.

Plan N does pay for the Part A inpatient deductible, copays, and coinsurance, except for a $50 copayment. Plan N members will also have a $20 copayment for doctor office visits and they will also be responsible for the Part B deductible. Unless you live in a state that does not allow Part B excess charges, you will have to pay for those out-of-pocket as well. Although, most doctors across the U.S. accept Medicare Assignment, which means that excess charges are not common.

With Medicare supplement plans you are not limited by the carrier`s insurance network. Plan N covers you no matter where you go throughout the country – as long as your provider accepts Original Medicare. It is sold by private insurance companies approved by the federal government.


Generally, all Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N offer next coverage:

  • Part A hospital coinsurance and up to an additional 1 year after Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Part B coinsurance/copayment, except for a $20 copayment for some office visits
  • 3 pints of blood
  • Part A hospice coinsurance/copayment
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Part A deductible
  • 80% of foreign travel exchange
  • No out-of-pocket limit

Medicare Supplement Plan N Premiums

Premiums will vary based on which state the individual is seeking coverage in, which insurance carrier they are purchasing from, and also individual factors like gender, age, tobacco use, and a few other details.

The average cost for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N ranges from $120-$180 in monthly premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Copayments

Because they have lower premiums, Plan N members are responsible for paying $20 copays for visits to a doctor’s office and $50 copayments for emergency room visits.

There are no copayments for visits to Urgent Care centers. This is important for Plan N members to note as they could choose to get care at one of these centers for minor treatment instead of going to an emergency room.

Copayments do not count towards the Part B deductible.

Enrolling in Medicare supplement Plan N

Individuals can enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N as long as they have already enrolled in Original Medicare – Parts A and B. The best time to enroll is during your Open enrollment period, which begins on your Part B effective date. Beneficiaries will have six months from that day to enroll in a plan with guaranteed issue rights. After that time frame expires, enrollment could be declined based on an individual’s health history.

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